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Lighten up and relax with Reiki!

Customer Testimonials

"My first experience after the reiki was just a cough and seems like nothing; but over the course of 3 days before my second reiki, my allergy from sneezing to coughing got better, I was able to lie in bed a little flatter instead of sitting , my chest seems less tighter. By the time I had my second reiki I felt the pulling of bad energy down my legs and in my arms, more on the L arm. After that my body felt well rested." -- Maryann Devilla, Physical Therapist

"Since seeing Hazel and receiving a few Reiki sessions, I have noticed my anxiety decrease, my awareness increase, and an overall sense of calm and peace encompass me. I am more mindful of my thoughts and actions and am able to shift my thinking quicker turning worry and concern into an "I can handle it attitude". I really look forward to my sessions with Hazel."-- Kyla, School Secretary

"My experience with Reiki brought me feelings of warmth, comfort, and relaxation.  I was under a lot stress at the time and felt very emotionally drained, so during my Reiki session I focused my intentions on clearing negative energy and depression... After my session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. I continued to feel warm (in a cozy way) for about an hour or so after and felt new-found strength and rejuvenation.  It was such an amazing and uplifting feeling.  It's something I want to continue to do throughout my life when I need that extra boost of love and light."-- Jackie, Occupational Therapist